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2013 tax code changes: The good and the bad (Part 1)

28 Jan

There is plenty of news to talk about when it comes to this year’s tax code, both good and bad. The widest impact will be felt because of a rollback of a two-year-old payroll tax cut, but many of the deepest tax hikes on tap for 2013 will affect primarily high-income earners. Everyone will still [...]

Fiscal cliff averted: What’s next?

23 Jan

For all of the hubbub surrounding the drama, last-minute chaos and panic over the fiscal cliff, I have to admit that I am somewhat underwhelmed by what we all seem to have gotten out of the deal. The politicians stayed up late over the holidays, burning the midnight oil to reach an agreement, and we [...]

Plan recoupment problems

14 Jan

Unfortunately, many people have, at one time or another, received a letter in the mail from the administrator of their pension plan informing them that “we made a miscalculation on your payments”. Typically, this kind of all-too-common error results in a request to reimburse the company the amount you owe them (if any), either as [...]

Word of warning

7 Jan

Today I’d like to pass along a story I heard recently that unfortunately might hit a little bit too close to home for anyone who has had a contentious divorce or dealt with family drama at one point or another in their marriage. It’s also a reminder to pay attention to the details, because a [...]

Hurricanes and homeowners

3 Jan

We all watched with horror as Hurricane Sandy tore into the East Coast, doing particular damage to the tri-state area of New York, New Jersey and Connecticut. One of the most important silver linings that we can all take away from this tragic event is to learn from it—to use it to remind ourselves of [...]