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Tax breaks under fire (part 2)

21 Dec

In my previous post, I talked about how some of the important tax breaks and exemptions that currently exist could be in danger as a result of the ongoing political debates in Washington about how to reform or rework big portions of the tax code. I talked about healthcare, mortgage interest, and retirement savings in [...]

Tax breaks under fire (part 1)

18 Dec

With all of the political back and forth about the dreaded Fiscal Cliff, and with worries about the debt and the deficit front and center in our political conversations, there is reason to be concerned that a tax code overhaul might be a part of any ultimate deal. There are obviously a lot of moving [...]

Estate tax blues

10 Dec

The next few weeks could be an important time for those trying to make important strategic decisions about how to allocate their assets and protect their estate. Time is running out on the federal tax exemption on estates and gifts: on January 1st, 2013, the exemption level is scheduled to be rolled back from $5.12 [...]