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Dan White’s advice for Philly Inquirer readers: Watch out for the fiscal cliff

29 Oct

A recent article in the Philadelphia Inquirer lays out the potential implications of the upcoming “Fiscal Cliff”, particularly with respect to what such an event might mean for investors and retirees looking to shore up their long-term financial security. The cliff is the upcoming January 1st, 2013 deadline which, barring a legislative compromise, will result [...]

Taking your lumps

22 Oct

One noteworthy recent trend is presenting retiree and per-retirees with challenging financial decisions: companies offering lump-sum payouts to beneficiaries in lieu of defined benefit plans. Companies are not just making this option available to retiring workers, but in some cases to retirees who are already receiving payments. Two high-profile examples that we have seen so [...]

Dan White’s advice to WSJ readers: Cut the apron strings

15 Oct

As I shared in a recent Wall Street Journal article, the importance of cutting the economic apron strings for adult children (or, more accurately, keeping them cut) is a difficult, but critical part of retirement planning for today’s seniors. It is entirely understandable for any parent to want to help their children in a time [...]

Retirement ridiculousness

8 Oct

I couldn’t help but chuckle at how well a recent article in the New York Times explained some of the frustrations of retirement planning. The article—entitled Our Ridiculous Approach to Retirement –does a great job of pointing out all of the challenges underlying our current system of retirement planning and savings. The author, Teresa Ghilarducci, [...]

Even the government has discovered annuities

1 Oct

I have been touting the potential value of annuities for some time now. While they aren’t for everyone—and the context of individual and family economic and personal circumstances is a critically important variable to deciding whether or not an annuity makes sense as part of your retirement financial planning—they are, in my opinion and in [...]