Archive | June, 2012

Timing is everything

25 Jun

Of all the rules, advice and complicating factors you have to account for with wealth management and retirement planning, one of the toughest to get a handle on is the issue of timing. Because when you do things is sometimes as important as what you do with regard to your investment and retirement decisions. Timing [...]

The ABCs of IRAs

18 Jun

One misunderstanding that I run into quite a bit in my work is a lack of clarity regarding the various IRA options out there. There’s a lot of complex terminology, and there are plenty of plans that sound alike, but work very differently—so that confusion is understandable. It is important, however, to take the time [...]

Imperfect bonds?

11 Jun

It’s a widely accepted part of Investing 101 that bonds are a safer, less volatile and more stable investment than stocks and other, riskier financial instruments. That is part of the reason why so many people have flocked to bonds for security during the last few years—a period of economic turbulence making anything that seemed [...]

Family matters

4 Jun

With a multitude of resources and plenty of advice out there about how and when to retire, there’s still an gap when it comes to making a decision that—while it may feel like a very personal one—must involve the ones you love. While the financial aspects of your retirement planning are obviously of paramount importance, [...]