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“Annuity” is not a dirty word

15 Mar

I can’t help but notice that there is a general perception out there that annuities are less desirable. Whether because they are regarded as less secure, or because the media coverage of annuities has taken on a definite negative tint, “annuity” has become almost a dirty word for many retirees and pre-retirees. Annuities are actually [...]

Warning sign for your pension plan?

13 Mar

Part of the fallout from the last few years of a recessionary economy is that the economic hardships we encounter do not just impact our bottom lines today, they can have a profound effect on our long-term wealth management and financial security. Many companies, families and individuals are struggling, and those struggles come together over [...]

The “War on Savers”

9 Mar

Since 2007 when the economic crisis really took hold, the news has been fairly grim for those of use looking to maximize our savings. In 2007, short-term interest rates were at 4.5% on CDs, and today that rate has dropped below 1%. So for CD owners, a group that is predominantly seniors, have taken what [...]

How to handle sudden financial windfalls

9 Mar

Is there such a thing as getting too rich too soon? At a time when the economy continues to make a shaky and uncertain recovery from a sustained recession, “sudden wealth” might seem like a pretty unlikely–and not entirely unwelcome– problem to have. The reality is, however, that financial windfalls are fairly common (typically as [...]